About Us

Founder and President Therese Heeg is an ICF Certified Coach, facilitator and speaker who brings over 25 years of experience to her clients.

Therese has a passion for bringing a fresh, open and innovative perspective to her coaching that leads to breakthrough results in short periods of time.

She is a master at developing people from the C- Suite to the front line and has worked with clients across the United States, Europe, Canada, China and Africa. Her most recent work includes driving culture change at Milwaukee County Government as they implement their vision for racial equity. Therese is dedicated to creating space to talk about race and to helping organizations become employers of choice for diverse talent.

LifeWorks Coaching & Training Inc. helps leaders and leadership teams grow capabilities through the use of assessments like Everything DiSC, 360 Surveys and Hogan Insights and offers workshops including:

    • How to Create a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion
    • Creating Space to Talk about Race
    • Communicating as a Leader: How to Light People Up, Not Shut Them Down
    • Driving Accountability and Performance
    • Career Development and Employee Engagement
    • Resiliency and Change Management
    • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
    • Creating a Culture of Recognition and Trust

Additional Specializations:

  • Leadership Development: We partner with internal resources to help leaders expand their capacity to build trust and grow people. This includes executive coaching, leadership team development and new leader on-boarding.
  • Change Leadership and Resilience: We help organizations with the people side of change as they merge entities, shift culture, redeploy employees, implement new technology, open new locations and build new leadership teams.

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You can also contact us directly via phone or email:

Contact us via phone: 414-732-9700

Or via email: therese@lifeworkscoachcenter.com

To set up a meeting: https://ThereseHeeg.as.me/

LifeWorks stands with #BLM and all of those working toward racial justice and equity.

We vow to listen and learn in order to be agents of change both through the work we do and how we live.

We stand in solidarity with the BIPOC communities in Milwaukee and across the country.

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