Speaking & Training

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  • Employee Engagement: What’s love got to do with it?
  • Taking on turnover one employee at a time!
  • Three leadership secrets to retaining star employees

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  • The coaching mindset: Building learning agility for organizational sustainability
  • 5 Tips for leaders: Using the coach approach
  • The question is not “How smart are you?” The Question is “How are you smart?”

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  • Taking care of yourself so you can take care of business
  • Creating a culture of resilience
  • Building your resiliency: 3 Steps to maintaining energy during change

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  • Developing a change mindset
  • Increasing readiness versus managing resistance
  • Change leadership 101

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  • Honoring your gifts and leveraging your strengths
  • Turning conflict into collaboration
  • Creating a high performance team

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  • Creating a culture of civility
  • Creating a culture of recognition
  • Creating a culture of courage


LifeWorks stands with #BLM and all of those working toward racial justice and equity.

We vow to listen and learn in order to be agents of change both through the work we do and how we live.

We stand in solidarity with the BIPOC communities in Milwaukee and across the country.

Got it!