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What people are saying about Therese Heeg

In the best year of my career Therese M. Heeg, M.S., ACC Certified Coach, has been my executive coach — and that is no coincidence. My focus is not just business development but developing leaders to drive future growth. She has helped me create plans to develop 100 leaders and sharpened my change management skills that have delivered a strong ROI for our company in 2016 and beyond. If you are interested in developing your leadership skills and increasing what you contribute, I highly recommend Therese as an executive coach
Jason M. Gumbs

Vice President of Marketing & Sales at Comcast Cable

I have been in a leadership role for over 35 years, and pride myself on my coaching and development skills. At one point, for the first time in my career, I felt helpless in bringing about real change.  I had a Division Director that was a very innovative member of our leadership team, but the division staff, and ultimately some program results, were unstable.

Therese worked with this Director for about three months.  Six months after that, we conducted our biennial employee engagement survey and the division was ranked as our “most improved” division in the organization.  From that, in a recent assessment from an outside agency, this director’s division was ranked highest in our department for “change readiness,” which is a key metric to the future development of our entire agency.   Ultimately, division staff feel they understand the vision, and they feel supported and empowered.

I am so excited by the energy, enthusiasm, teamwork and results in the division.  Therese was the catalyst of this dramatic improvement. We can’t thank her enough for what she accomplished here.

Jeanne Dorff

Chief Operations Officer Department of Health and Human Services Milwaukee County

Therese came into a challenging situation and quickly set to work assessing needs and opportunities; delivering strategy, tactics and support both for the team as a whole and for each contributor. Many leaders and coaches take a general approach to development and coaching, but I benefitted greatly from Therese’s customized, persistent and practical focus on who I am and what I need to grow. She helped me uncover and own the solutions and paths necessary to turn my ideas and goals into daily progress and a leader’s mindset.

Chris Singley

Change Management Consultant at Northwestern Mutual

I had the pleasure of working with Therese Heeg at Northwestern Mutual when she was overseeing the Readiness and Adoption team. She exemplified care, concern, and consistency during a time of significant change. In addition, Therese was unflaggingly supportive to myself and many other team members as those changes occurred. She sought to keep the team regularly informed about changes coming and adapted her approach as she received feedback from myself and others. Therese also sought to celebrate team achievements and milestones, helping to build the team’s overall camaraderie. In addition, on numerous occasions she provided very incisive advice and coaching to me about my own career plans and aspirations. I have very high regard for her personally and professionally and know that she has significant coaching insights that would benefit organizations or individuals seeking to improve their effectiveness and accomplishments.

S. Marshall Poindexter

Builds global Marketing & Communications teams to maximize reputation, engagement, and sales

As peers responsible for similar programs at partner institutions, Theresa and I often shared best practices in the areas of engagement, leadership development and coaching. Theresa is a talented, creative professional who has a genuine drive to find innovative approaches to improve individual and organization performance. Theresa excels in partnering with her customers and works diligently to meet their needs.

Cheryl Biro

Director Organizational Development at Harley-Davidson Motor Company

Theresa is an exceptional OD leader and coach. She is able to work at every level of the organization with a particularly keen ability to translate key concepts and best practices into actionable steps. High level of integrity and a great sense of humor. I recommend her highly and without reservation.

Gary Colpaert

VP Clinical and Support Services Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin

Theresa is insightful, caring and impresses in everything she does. Her intellect and passion makes her a stand-out in her profession. An incredible listener and communicator capable to quickly analyze and provide valuable perspective. I have great admiration and respect for Theresa and highly recommend her.

Sue Sattler

President, Talent Network Group

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